Use Smart Links in your YouTube Cards

What are YouTube cards?

YouTube Cards are interactive “panels” that slide in and out when a video is playing, encouraging further interaction by viewers.

Link directly to your Smart Links in your YouTube videos is approved by YouTube to include Smart Links in your YouTube Cards. This means you can link directly to your Smart Links in your YouTube videos!


How to create YouTube cards

1. Go to "My Videos" in the Creator Studio

2. Click "Edit" on the video you want to add a card for

3. Go to the "Cards" tab and then click "Add card." Select the "Link" option to include your Smart Link

5. Simply paste your Smart Link and click next.
Note that any URL that has "" is already approved by YouTube, including sub-domain URLs ( You will not be able to include a full domain that does not include unless you've already approved it with YouTube.

6. Customize your card's details and click "Create Card"

That's it! Now your card is added to your video and viewers can click to your Smart Links directly from your YouTube videos!


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