How can benefit me?

Reach fans where they listen today: The power of radio hasn't changed, but the way people listen to it has. Until now, artists have been forced to promote their music outside of streaming services. As more people listen to streaming radio over terrestrial radio, you can now promote your music where fans listen today.

Guarantee your song is heard by the right audience: The best way to promote a song is to play it to people! Your songs are played to real people in your target audience who are tuned in to music just like yours on streaming radio. Let your music act as its own advertisement where it lives!

Always ensure that your song is being shared to the right streaming service: People use a variety of different streaming services, so it is difficult for artists to make a decision of which song link to share. With our Smartlinks tools, you can share a single link that automatically reroutes fans to your music within their preferred streaming service.

Only pay for results: We never want you to be looked at as a forced advertisement because, well…people hate those. You only pay if your song is listened to for at least 30 seconds. Guarantee that for every penny spent, your song is heard by the right ears!

Understand your audience: You need to know how people actually interact with your music! You can monitor real time analytics designed specifically for music that let you know how your listeners react so you can get real insight to make decisions.

Retarget a Custom Audience: Avoid wasted clicks! You can track user engagements with your Smartlink and can use this data to retarget custom audiences.

Get organic growth: Because your full song is natively integrated, users can interact with it just like any other song.  Users can add your song to playlists and take advantage of any other features in the streaming service and artist spotlight to increase your organic exposure!

Increase your revenues: Artists now earn more revenue from streaming services than music sales! Promote your music in streaming services to increase your spins and get into more playlists. promotes youWe personally take the responsibility to help promote you! Top songs get additional exposure in monthly 8tracks playlists, social media placements, blog posts, Spotify, YouTube, and more!


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