What is Feature.fm?

Feature.fm builds smart marketing, advertising, and analytics tools for the music industry, making it easy for artists and labels to promote their music to the right audience.

Feature.fm's self-serve ad platform allows you to advertise your music to your target audience through unique channels only offered by Feature.fm like sponsored songs in streaming services and on music websites in addition to channels like audio ads, display, and an AI Powered Social Ads.

Feature.fm's Marketing Suite gives you the power to create engaging marketing pages like Music Smart Links that route fans to their favorite music services, Action Pages that reward fans for taking actions in the apps you want, and an audience CRM tool that collects audience contact details and music listening preferences.

All of Feature.fm's products provide real-time, advanced analytics and can send remarketing data to your various ad and social accounts.

Feature.fm prides itself on providing the most tools in a single platform so you don't need to go to many different services to access your marketing needs.



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